Diane Callaway


  Both of my parents died of degenerative diseases.  After the initial shock of their diagnoses and later their passing, I needed to understand how this happened to such healthy people.  I remembered my parents eating most of their meals in local restaurants and cafes. I wondered if these eating habits could have been connected to their diagnoses.  This devastating experience provoked an urgency to investigate the relationship between nutrition and diseases.  Through significant research and acquiring certification,  I found a direct connection between degenerative diseases and unhealthy food choices.
I started on a pathway towards a healthier lifestyle for my immediate family.  My husband and I have been vegans for over a decade!  A whole food plant-based lifestyle (meatless and dairy free) was an excellent choice for our health.  Today, I am on a mission to share my knowledge and time to the work of nutrition programming in underserved communities.  My desire is for people to have a new-found relationship with healthy foods that can revolutionize their health forevermore. 

 It's not as difficult as you think!